Gedeon Richter Delivering Quality Therapy for Generations Gedeon Richter Plc. is a Hungarian controlled Central-Eastern European Multinational Pharmaceutical company. Richter blends its hundred- year tradition of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Hungary with state-of-the-art technology. The company's mission is to improve standards of healthcare by supplying modern and affordable products worldwide. Our activity includes research, development, manufacture and marketing of human finished drugs, active substances and intermediates. Richter's distribution network is unparalleled in central and eastern Europe, extending to cover almost 100 countries in five continents around the world. The Company maintains a direct presence in 30 countries, with a total of four manufacturing sites, 30 representative offices and 14 commercial subsidiaries and wholesalers. For more details of Gedeon Richter, please visit our website. Gedeon Richter established its Chinese Representative Office 12 years ago in Beijing. The Representative Office moved to Shanghai in July, 2007. The activities of the Shanghai Representative Office includes support the sales of the Company's finished pharmaceutical products in the Chinese market, keep the contact with our local partners, manage regulatory work and source active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in China. To support these activities we are looking for potential candidates for the carrier opportunities: -Product Manager -Purchase Manager In case of interest please send us your application and CV to the address. Gedeon Richter Plc., Interview time: Oct.20-24 2008; Nov. 10-Dec. 2008 展开 公司地址:Shanghai Representative Office Room 910, New Town Center, No.83 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai, China (邮编:200336) 地图 公司官网:http://www.richter.hu
沃茨集团的总部设在美国马萨诸塞州,在全球范围内拥有29家大型造企业,其中13家在美国,另外16家分别设在加拿大、欧洲和中国。客户服务机构150余个,生产、销售网络遍布世界几乎所有工业国家。中国设有5家制造工厂,并在宁波北仑设置了国际物流中心。 作为沃茨水工业集团在中国设立的最大的一家制造基地,拥有美国沃茨水工业集团先进的生产技术和生产设备。公司现有员工1500人左右,拥有全国水暖行业优秀的专业技术人才和管理人才,主要生产各种高档软管、花洒、角阀等系列水暖产品。产品广泛用于建筑、装饰、燃气、空调等各种行业,出口量占销售总额的85%以上,产品远销美国、英国、德国、法国等欧美国家。公司年产软管超过7000万条,是中国水暖软管行业内品种最齐全、规格最完善、产量最大的软管生产企业之一。 Headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, Watts has 29 large –size manufacturing factories are established all over the world, in which there are 13 manufacturing factories in UAS and 16 manufacturing factories in Canada, Europe and China. Watts also has over 150 sales and customer service agencies. the production and marketing network are almost covering every industrial county in the whole world. In china Watts has 5 manufacturing factories and 1 international Logistics center which is founded in Beilun Ningbo. Watts Plumbing Technologies (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Watts Water technologies, Inc., is the largest manufacturing basement of Watts Water technologies in China, it provides the advanced plumbing technology and equipments. Our company now employs around 1500 people, including the skilled people in virtually both technical and managerial fields. The company’s products are vital to all plumbing product series, such as high quality flexible hoses, shower heads, and angle valves. Our products are widely used in construction, decoration, gas, air-conditioning, and other diverse industries. More than 85% of the company’s revenues are generated by exporting products to USA, UK, Germany, France, and many other countries. More than 70 million flexible hoses were sold globally every year, our company is the largest flexible hose manufacturer in the world, with the widest selection and greatest diversity in this field. 展开 公司地址:浙江省台州市机电工业园 (邮编:317600) 地图 公司官网:http://www.wattschina.com

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