Shanghai Heyue consulting Co.,Ltd is committed to build up a platform that supplies the advanced consulting and training services for all organizations and individuals, who demand consistent improvement and development. The Core Team consists of a few psychological experts and professional specialists who worked in famous multinational corporations, domestic and international enterprises. Their rich experience and knowledge enables us to provide outstanding suggestions about strategy and operation. Furthermore, they have great capability to dive into detail, define the problem of management, and then propose the customized solution for the enterprise on an comprehensive level.   After long-term investigation, combining the work experience and integrating the theories of applied psychology, our psychological experts and experienced consultants have developed the training courses and training methods through their joint efforts. Integrating the knowledge of basic psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, administrant psychology and social psychology with the original management theory, the courses expound the details of the management and operation in the organization, as well as the phases of personal growth in a creative angle of view. They reduce the communication cost effectively, increase the efficiency of management, and speed up staff growth rapidly.   In addition, we are dedicated to personal development, concentrating on providing the occupation skills for each professional, helping them to discover their advantages and find the appropriate career path. We provide the guide for the university students who are about to start the occupation career soon, track their developing phases, solve the problems they encounter on the road of career development, help them to find out their role & position in the business world quickly, and surpass themselves constantly. 非中介,不收费 应聘者在闵行区居住优先 展开 公司地址:闵行区 (邮编:000000) 地图
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